Hillary Clinton´s visit to Mexico.... They still keep on asking if Mexico is a failed state.

No matter what Hillary Clinton or other US officials say, the question as to whether Mexico is a failed state continues to haunt the Mexican government. The press will continue to ask about this. It all started with a document published by the Joint Forces Command (JOE 2008) which pointed out that there is a risk, although unlikely, that Mexico and Pakistan are in danger of a "rapid and sudden collapse." The document never said Mexico was a failed state. I guess the debate that document raised was whether Mexico could become a failed state. Anyway, Calderón and his cabinet incessantly get asked this question. At the end of my prior post about Hillary´s visit to Mexico, in Spanish, I linked the readers to a debate on this issue. Here is another point of view by a well known Mexican intellectual Enrique Krauze expressed in the New York Times. Click here


  1. Ana Maria you've hit the real issue on the visit of secretary Clinton. There seems to be a struggle for power between secretary Napolitano and Clinton. However that is an american issue, what should be bothering us is this double talk on Mexico as a "failed state". I followed your lead on that marvellous op-ed by Krauze and found it to be strikingly correct: the media seems to be capitalizing from such affirmations.

    Non the less the issue still lingers as the american diplomats need to be more comprehensive of their part on this "falling state".
    Should we send american troops to the border to stop traffic? Don't know but sounds at least tempting.

    Thanks for the embbebed blogging.



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