Hillary Clinton's visit to Mexico

We are still waiting. I am now watching the honor guard practice the presentation of colors that will greet Hillary Clinton when she arrives. Now let´s review some of the statements made by U.S. officials (or former officials) in the last couple of months.

“Mexico is on the edge of the abyss.” Comment made by U.S. general and former drug czar Barry McCaffrey.

The U.S. joint forces command warned that “rapid and sudden collapse could occur in Mexico in the near future.” In the same document, instability in Mexico is compared to the potential of a failed state in Pakistan.

Deputy Secretary David Johnson pointed out that 450,000 people in Mexico may be involved in the cultivation, processing and trafficking of drugs.

Michael Hayden, former CIA director in the G.W. Bush administration, pointed out in January that drug related violence in Mexico and Iran’s insistence on having access to nuclear capabilities would be the foreign policy priorities of the United States

Dennis Blair, national intelligence director, just a couple of weeks ago told the U.S. Congress that Mexico does not control some of its territory.

In response, President Calderon has vehemently affirmed that Mexico is not a failed state and that his country would not have these problems if the United States controlled its drug consumption, arms trafficking and corruption of law enforcement officials.

This is the environment that Hillary Clinton will find as she lands in Mexico today.


  1. Ana, glad to to know you are following Hillary's visit, am Mexican, living in DC and following everything going on. Do you twitter?


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