Hillary Clinton's visit to Mexico

Rumor has it, that the appointee to be US’s next ambassador to Mexico may be Carlos Pascual, Pascual´s background: Career diplomat with 23 years in the U.S. Dept of State, National Security Council and the U.S. A.I.D., Former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine. Most recent State Department post: Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization.

Currently vice president and director of Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution, a D.C. based think tank, with expertise on post-conflict stabilization and international security policy. Born in Cuba and fled to U.S. with parents as a child.

If this rumor is true, this appointment would surely surprise many and Pascual should expect that in Mexico there will be a special focus on the last post he held at the State Department. Mexicans will be very sensitive about this appointment and will question whether he is “close enough” to Barack Obama. However, there is a lot to be said for appointing a career ambassador to what could potentially be a very difficult time between Mexico and the U.S.


  1. It looks like this appointment reveals that the U.S. is more concerned about its national security; and the 'reconstruction & stabilization' experience? Sounds like he's being appointed to a war zone. oh wait, he is...

  2. Seems that the U.S. is especially concerned with its national security these days; the soon-to-be ambassador's experience with "reconstruction and stabilization" sounds like he's being posted to a war zone. oh, that's right, he is. wonder if he put in for hazard pay?


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