¿Confused with the numbers? You are not alone

¿ Confused by the numbers?
You are not alone. Let´s see if I can clarify what has happened with the number of deaths and ill in the last two days. How did we go to more than 150 deaths one day, down to 8 the next day? This is what is going on. The bottom line is that as of Wednesday evening, there are 99 confirmed cases of people who had the Swine influenza based on test of which 8 died. This does not mean that there is less deaths or sick, the government has now made the decision to underline cases that are proven by laboratory tests… However, on Wednesday evening the Secretary of Health did say that there are now 176 deaths that they believe are probably related to the Swine Flu and there are 2955 persons who got ill, probably because of this same flu. The massive testing began on Monday, so they expect that the number is going to shoot up in the next couple of days…Therefore the number of deaths and sick has not gone down. We will have a better picture of what is going on in the next 24 hours…


  1. Ms. Salazar:

    I feel bad for the people of Mexico. It is obviously not anyones fault. My neighbor is from northern Mexico and has many family members in the region. They are very concerned. Hopefully the US Government can send resources to Mexico to help the people - we can afford it.

    Tomorrow starts the Cinco de Mayo celebration in St. Paul (yes... it's a big deal here). I wonder how the turn out will be.

    Good luck!

    DJ - St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

  2. Government's attitude and the statements are really confusing. thats only because of inefficiency of the Doctors and health authorities' as they are not sure what is happening and how to interpret. Its really a mess for the whole mexican population. WHO raised the alert level not based on the data presented by Mexican Government thats because the infection is being spread in other countries. I am hearing many news radio stations debating about the origin of the disease. This is not the time of discussing this stupid stuff. Its worth to discuss how to overcome this crisis. Government steps are still not upto mark. By only doing the press conferences, providing masks to transporters is not a solution. What happened to the Honorable president's statement of the establishment of laboratory within 72 hrs which ended on Tuesday? Now the media persons and the government is more concerned about the outbreaks in other countries rather than focusing the problem in Mexico. its really a shame.


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