The latest on the "Human Influenza" outbreak...

++ Health Secretary José Angel Córdova Villalobos said that 312 cases of swine flu have been confirmed in Mexico… Of this total twelve patients have died. Córdova Villalobos said measures taken to counteract the epidemic are being effective in stemming it.
The Health Secretary also said that setting back mid-term elections is not an option being considered yet, but that precautions will be taken to avoid contagion in meetings and large gatherings, as well as in training sessions for citizens who have been selected to be election officials.

++ Communications and Transportation Secretary Juan Molinar Horcasistas, guaranteed operational continuity in communications networks and transportation with the highest health sanitation standards.

++ The World Health Organization raised the number of people infected with the new flu virus to 257 and said that the number of confirmed cases are to be found in 11 countries, among them the United States, Mexico, Spain, Great Britain, New Zealand, Germany and Israel…WHO decided to give a new name to the virus, which will now be known as “human influenza” rather than swine influenza, because some countries were deciding to take measures aimed at pig populations, such as in Egypt, and the pork industry was being negatively hit, especially in the United States.

++ The Health Ministry implemented the order by which non-essential activities are shut down in government offices and in the productive sector from May 1st through May 5th. May 1st is already a national holiday.

++ Mexico City mayor Marcelo Ebrard said that his government supports the measures taken by the Federal Government to suspend activities that are not essential in the city to avoid spreading the human influenza virus.

++ National Water Commission chief José Luis Luege Tamargo guaranteed drinking water supply to the Valley of Mexico during the current swine flu epidemic, but he said that if the drought affecting Mexico continues, it will lead to a water shortage emergency.