Programa especial. Special program Cadena 3

Buen panel de discusión sobre la gripa porcina, en este momento (10:00 AM) en Cadena 3, Sky 128 y canal 28 local. Check out Channel 28, Sky 128,good discusión on the Swine Flu outbreak.


  1. Ana Maria:

    Don't you consider that there has been an over reaction by the people, this because of the huge media coverage about the swine flu?

    Don't get me wrong, right now I'm studying in Richmond, VA and I'll be back in Mexico in one week, but I've been told by my family in Mexico that there are no more Vitamin C (Redoxon) and other flu medications. The local TV stations are breodcasting the symptons every 10 minutes and people that sneezes get really worried. I think the panic is more dangerous because the truly ill people wont get the medication. People is avoiding to eat pork and here in the USA some experts said that the only way of getting the swine flu by eating pork is if someone with it sneezes in your bacon.

    What do you think?



  2. Ana Maria,

    Hi, I found your webpage full of relevant information. I am scheduled to flight into Mexico City this Thursday but everyone is asking me to please stay in the US. I was planning to visit my family whom live in Estado de Mexico but I am worry that I will not be permitted to return to the US.

    Can you please tell me from your point of view, and being in Mexico if you personally feel threatened?


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