Latest news on the AH1N1 in Mexico (May 7th 00:00 hrs central time)

++ The number of deaths from A H1N1 influenza rose to 42, said Health Secretary José Ángel Córdova Villalobos. He added that 1,070 cases have been confirmed as infections… The health secretary said sanitary measures will remain in place until there are no further influenza infections.

++Speaking in Michoacán, President Felipe Calderón warned that the A H1N1 virus will continue to create cases of contagion in Mexico and in the rest of the world… He condemned barriers to block the virus that constitute discriminatory measures against Mexicans.

++ An airplane carrying 158 Mexicans who had traveled to several cities in China, and the majority of whom were quarantined even if they showed no influenza symptoms, arrived in Mexico City… Charging unfair and unjustified treatment Mexico had sent the plane to bring back its citizens.

++ The Chinese embassy described the quarantining of Mexican citizens as “a merely sanitary matter that does not constitute discrimination against anybody.” Chinese officials expressed the hope that those involved, their relatives, and the Mexican public, might understand that.

++ On Wednesday Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard said that in three months Mexico City might be able to return to normality… He predicted that by the end of August the first signs of recovery of the city’s tourism industry will be seen…

++But, in the evening Mexico City´s Health Minister Armando Ahued, announced that in fact the health alert would diminish from orange to yellow, which would allow all bars, theaters and restaurants to open without any restrictions. According to Armando Ahued, the health requirements (such as keeping 2.25 meters distance between tables) where mere suggestions from the Federal Government. (Comment: This is going to be interesting. Who is the local government going to blame when a new outbreak kicks-in)

++ Mexico, the United States and Canada made an emphatic and urgent call on the international community not to use the A H1N1 influenza outbreak as a motive to create barriers on trade and to base their decisions on solid scientific evidence.

++ Classes at high schools and universities were set to begin again this Thursday.

++ The Federal Electoral Tribunal confirmed that a PAN political campaign, the so-called “letter soup” is denigrating to the PRI… The tribunal ordered the IFE to level another fine against PAN because of the campaign.


  1. Hi All,
    It seems Mexico City is coming back on track. Yesterday most of the restaurants in different parts of the city were opened with a good number people having there breakfast, lunch or dinner. Most of the restaurants were seen following all the guidelines directed by the Secreteriat of Health of Mexico. Its a positive sign for all of us. Today even in early morning a lot of cars were seen running at their full speed and at some places with a lot of traffics. It reflects that now people are coming out. Universities and High schools have been opened and a good population of students can be seen reflecting that things are getting better. Classes are running properly.Now since a lot of people are coming out, getting together, meetings among the people are taking place so the probability of high number of infections is very high. But most of the people are not using masks, gloves and other preventive measurements which is a point of concern and worry. The reason again behind this is the lack of coherence between the state and the federal goverments. The mayor of the Mexico City told yesterday that students can attend their classes even without using masks. Now the point is that most of the students travel in subways or public buses and therefore are very likely to be infected. I think the Mayor is trying to calm down and relaxing the people by making these kind of statemnet but at the same time attempting a big mistake just to get the appreciations of people.


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