Latest news on the AH1N1 (Sunday 18:00 hrs.)

  • This is what we know about the AH1N1 influenza up until now: During a press conference this Sunday morning, Secretary of Health José Ángel Córdova Villalobos announced that there were 506 confirmed cases in 23 states and 19 deaths. Although the Secretary affirmed that the cases are not increasing in numbers at the same rate, in fact the numbers are going down… (Comment: Yeah I know, his comments are a little confusing, we will have to wait and see if the numbers are actually going down and what is happening other states. I don´t think anyone knows what is going on in some of the unreachable regions of Mexico…Some Governors may be hiding information. He had ordered the cancellation of all schools and closing down of all non essential government work and business until May 6. How soon we will be returning to work and kids going back to school…Probably by Monday evening…There will be a lot of pressure to keep the these cancellations going by the WHO check out what is going around the world.)
  • On Sunday the WHO informed that the number of confirmed cases around the world has been going up. The number of cases as of Sunday morning is a 787 in 17 countries, with the US leading the list with 231 confirmed cases and one death (the only death outside Mexico.) Cases in other countries: Canada (70) Spain (13) , England (15), Germany (6), Israel (3), New Zealand (4), Austria (1) , Switzerland (1), Hong Kong (1), Costa Rica (1) Denmark (1), France (2), Holland (1), and South Korea(1).
  • Despite the AH1N1 epidemic, the midterm election campaigns started today (can you believe this!) More on this and other news on Imagen News tonight at 23:00 hrs. For local stations go to the sidebar of this blog or to listen on your computer go to


  1. Hi Ana thanks a lot for such a descriptive information and your 100 % truth comments. WHO is still saying that Mexico has a very severe and big threat then its not clear why government of Mexico is keeping our citizen who are really innocent in so much dark. Initially it was mentioned that around 160 persons were died because of this influenza. Now the figure is 19. Its quite impossible that an epidemic caused deaths in a retrograde manner. What happened to 141 deaths. Due to irresponsible acts of Health authorities and the Government the fluid or blood samples of those 141 death persons were not preserved. It has also been mentioned that those people were died because of pneumonia. What I know that Pneumonia a severe infection of respiratory system. So the pneumonia in those people might have arisen as a result of late detection of the H1N1 influenza in those people. Mexican Government is also keeping WHO in dark to avoid isolation and pressure from other countries. I personally and hope most of the citizens of Mexico protest Govermnet steps and the statements.


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