News Summary for August 7th, 2010

++ Public Security Secretary Genaro García Luna said that organized crime is
paying municipal police throughout Mexico more than 1.2 billion pesos a year…
He said that three out of every five police agents receive 4,000 pesos a month
in salary and 20.4 percent, or about a fifth, only earn 1,000 pesos a month.
These low salaries explain why so many police agents are on organized crime’s
payroll, he said.

++ President Felipe Calderón said society’s enemies are criminals… In a speech
before media owners and executives he proposed that media organizations should
discuss among themselves how to establish ethical codes and protocols on the way
security information should be handled.

++ Interior Secretary Francisco Blake Mora said the federal government would
continue to battle ruthless criminals whose intention is to terrorize and
antagonize citizens and authorities.

++ Fourteen prisoners were killed in a prison riot in the Matamoros
penitentiary… Authorities said rival gangs seeking control of the prison fought
using their fists and knives and other sharp instruments.

++ Criminal groups ordered road blockades using cargo trucks in San Nicolás and
Apodaca, Nuevo León… The blockades kept main avenues closed for an hour until
Mexican army troops freed up the roadways by removing the trucks…

++ Journalists, reporters and other concerned citizens were planning a “silent”
march to protest over journalists being kidnapped, killed and disappeared… The
first Demonstration Against Attacks on Journalists in Mexico would set off from
the Angel of Independence Monument and head to the Interior Secretariat.

++ Villagers in San Pablo Oztotepec, in Milpa Alta, tired to lynch two suspects
who were caught robbing… Both were freed after city authorities spoke with their
captors who demanded the two be punished.

++ The Flight Attendants Union agreed to propose changes in their labor
conditions that would mean 240 million pesos in savings annually for
crisis-struck Mexicana de Aviación airline.