Summary of the most important news in Mexicow

++ Armed assailants gunned down the mayor of El Naranjo, in San Luis Potosí, in his own office… The murdered mayor, Alexander López García, 35, was a PRI politician…

++ U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the drug cartels are becoming an insurgency in Mexico and Central America… Speaking in Washington, Clinton said that the narco-violence striking Mexico is becoming more and more like that Colombia went through 20 years ago.

++ National security spokesman Alejandro Poiré rejected the notion that Mexico is experiencing a situation similar to that of Colombia and said that Mexico is taking action to avoid situations similar to those in Colombia.

++ PRI deputies submitted a law bill to create a more complete arms registry of the weapons used by the Army and regulate the use of force to prevent civilians being killed at checkpoints and during military operations.

++ Finance Secretary Ernesto Cordero submitted to Congress the Economic Package for 2011… The Income budget does not include new taxes and the Expenditures budget seeks to strengthen security not only at a federal level, but also in each state.

++ Cananea mine unionized miners in Sonora clashed with workers hired externally, or strike breakers, leaving one person dead and three wounded.

++ The leader of the Mining Union National Renovation Front, Carlos Pavón, blamed Napoleón Gómez Urrutia for the attacks on hired workers in Cananea.

++ Mexicana de Aviación pilots and flight attendants held a protest outside Los Pinos to demand punishment for the former owners of the airline, including Gastón Azcárraga, accusing them of mismanagement… They asked the President to step in so that Mexicana de Aviacióna and its subsidiaries Click and Link can resume operations as soon as possible.

++ The Federal Electoral Tribunal confirmed PRI candidate Miguel Alejandro Alonso Reyes’s victory in the governor’s election in Zacatecas, after ruling that there was no evidence of irregularities to support the PRD’s petition that the election be annulled.

++ The Education Secretariat said that there are more than seven million people in Mexico who belong to the so called “ni-ni” category, or “neither-nor” in English, meaning that neither do they go to school nor are they employed.