News Summary for October 12th, 2010

++ PRD deputy Julio César Godoy Toscano appeared before the Chamber of Deputies Instructions Committee to be informed of the request to impeach him filed by the Attorney General’s Office so that he be tried for alleged ties to the La Familia drug cartel.
Godoy Toscano has a week to respond to the accusations personally or in writing.

++ Godoy Toscano insisted that he was innocent and announced he would respond in writing to the accusations. The Attorney General’s Office filed a second request to strip Godoy Toscano of parliamentary immunity so he can be tried on money laundering charges… The first request referred to alleged ties to organized crime.

++ The Attorney General’s Office announced rewards ranging from three to up to 15 million pesos for persons who provide information leading to the arrests of operators or lieutenants working for the Gulf, Juárez, Pacífico, Beltrán Leyva and La Familia drug cartels.

++ A criminal judge in Monterrey sentenced Diego Santoy Riverol to 138 years in prison… He killed the Peña Cross brothers on March 2, 2006.

++ An armed group in Sinaloa attacked 11 police officers at a checkpoint on the Culiacán-Las Brisas highway… Eight soldiers were killed and three more were badly wounded.

++ One year after Luz y Fuerza del Centro power utility was shut down Labor Secretary Javier Lozano insisted it was a good decision benefitting Mexico.

++ Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard said his administration is working so that the Mexican Electricians Union conflict with the government after Luz y Fuerza del Centro was shut down, create no further problems for Mexico City. The Mexican Electricians Union staged marches and protests on different streets in Mexico City… The protests wrapped up with a rally in the Zócalo…

++ President Felipe Calderón inaugurated the Memory and Tolerance Museum in Mexico’s Historic Center and he spoke out against “hatred as an outlook” as a way to resolve disputes.

++ Former UNAM rector Juan Ramón de la Fuente said it was necessary to step away from politically correct discourse to actions that really do prove the country has moved forward with regard to tolerance and he mentioned recent anti-gay statements bandied about by different figures.

++ At IFE’s 20th anniversary celebration head councilor Leonardo Valdés called on society to continue to help the IFE contribute to democracy.

++ The Civil Protection Committee in Quintana Roo decreed a green alert in that state as tropical storm Paula approached.