Air travel during a Swine Flu Outbreak...Sucks...

I am trying to get back to Mexico City, after spending a day in Merida teaching my social network workshop.... The return flight is almost two hours late... I was told "off the record" that the delay is due to the forms passengers now have to fill out in order to get on the plan. I filled out that same form this morning before I boarded my flight to Merida. Should not be holding up the departure of plans.... But, after reading the story of a British Airway's pilot who upon his return from Mexico, exhibited symptoms of the Swine flu (poor chap is probably now in British hell quarantine.) This is probably pushing Mexican authorities to be much more careful and weed out passengers who look sick. I am about to board my plane to Mexico City and I am still wondering if these silly face masks actually do any good. On my way down here, I swear I heard the six year old sitting in front of me say.... Abuela, my throat hurts really really bad! I was about to jump up and put a plastic bag over her head, when she suddenly started laughing and said.. Grandma, now it is your turn to play the sick person and I will be the nurse... Grrrrr. Got to go catch the plane back, before the shut down the Mexico City airport... Don't forget your mask Ana Maria


  1. Ana Maria, it has been reported this morning in Monterrey that a woman died yesterday of what it seems to be the Swine Flu. State government oficials and Health oficials will announce during the day what actions are to be taken. In the meantime, Governor Natividad Gonzalez Paras has announced an increase in the alert level.


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