Arms control... Why not?

Arms trafficking to Mexico was clearly one of the main talking point for both President Felipe Calderon and Barack Obama. During the press conference, President Calderón provided startling data: Since 2004 when assault arms ban expired, the amount of these type of weapons illegally coming into Mexico jumped. Since Calderón came into office, more then 16000 assault arms have been seized, 90% where sold in the US and there are more then 10,000 gun outlets on the US border with Mexico. Calderón called for a new ban on assault weapons. But it appears that the political environment makes this unlikely to happen in the short run. In fact when during my interview with Hillary Clinton she recongnized the political difficulties of this getting passed. However, Calderón also pointed out that if both nations implemented what current legislation states in both countries much this would have an enourmous impact in Mexico. US law currently prohibits the exportation of US guns to any particular country, if in that country the importation of those firearms is prohibited. Calderón calls for the enforcement of US laws... This seems to be a very reasonable request...