Calling on all bloggers...

The WHO just declared that the swine flu outbreak is now at a phase 5, one step away from being declared a worldwide pandemic. During these times of crisis, citizen reporters and bloggers are essential to getting alternative analysis and information of what is going-on in their cities and regions. I am calling on all English speaking bloggers, working out of Mexico, to unite. I volunteer to put the list together of all of you who are out there writing-blogging, podcasting, or using your social networks such as Facebook or Myspace, or YouTube, to provide information on what is happening in Mexico. I will use my radio and TV shows to promote our work. Please send me a brief, very brief description of your blog, who you are, and where you are. You can write to me at or post your information on this blog. Bloggers Unite!!


  1. Hi Ana, I just came to know from somebody that two universitarios have been dead. Is there any information about that? If yes please let me know as I am also in UNAM so very much worried about the same.. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Hello there,

    My name is Brian Hall and my blog address is I have been living in Guadalajara, México since May 2008 and will be reporting on my blog tomorrow morning about the effects of the flu down here in Jalisco, as well as about how I feel the Jalisciense government is lying to the people here about the confirmed cases of Swine Flu.


  3. My name is CancunCanuck (Kelly), a Canadian woman living in Cancun. I've been blogging about the flu at and tweeting (under my nick) news stories. My blog has a pretty big list of English blogs in Mexico, but to narrow it down to some others who are blogging about the flu, Gary in Mexico City and Simon at have been posting good stuff.

    Thanks (I'm a fan). :)

  4. Hello Ana

    I have been living in the south of Mexico City, near Taxquena, for four years. I am British, originally from London, and blog about my life and Mexico in general. And at the moment on the flu outbreak in particular.

    My blog address is

    I am also on Twitter ( and have a set of flu related photos I've been taking on Flickr (

  5. Ana

    I am an Englishman living in Ciudad Guzman in the South of Jalisco. I have lived in Mexico nearly five yours now. I write a blog about my experiences of living and working in Mexico with a focus on cultural, organizational and environmental issues.
    I have just posted some thoughts on swine flu and Mexico.The address of my blog is:


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