Blogger teepu said...
Ana Maria, I liked your article a lot.Its quite informative. I am in fact a student of PhD in neuroscience from UNAM. I am an Indian Citizen living here from last 5years. I want to add one observation. Its is mentioned all over that the persons between the age group of 20-50 years are more infected and susceptible to this viral infection. At the same time it has been mentioned that the Vaccine for the influenza is not effective. I think the reason behind this is the persons below 20 or above 50 get vaccinated interestingly and voluntarily. So from my opinion to some extent the vaccine is effective. Even the reports from World health organization also says that the people should carry on with the vaccines.
4/27/2009 9:55 PM
Blogger teepu said...
Hi Ana one more thing, we should think why and where we failed to detect this crisis? first report came on 12th and till date its is increasing, we have been completely failed. Our health minister defend this by saying since its a new viral strain that's why its taking time. But if you see the cases in USA 40 or some cases were reported and most of them have been recovering and till death no report of deaths. Its a serious issue because Mexico is producing lot of doctors and Scientists every year. Does it mean that the quality of our research or the infrastructure or the resources are not efficient. Moreover the government policies are also responsible for the same. A great debate on this issue is required.
4/27/2009 10:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ana Maria This problem shows that was covered for the Holy week, I heard today early morning at your radio station that one company at Perote report the problen at early April and nobody take care or all of them cover. ¿What do you think about?
4/27/2009 10:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ana Maria I just wznt to mentioned that the virus was discover by a company at Perote Veracruz at the beggining of April and nobody take care of the problem or everybody cover the problem.
The information was mentioned at imagen early morning today