Learn how to cook.

Time to learn how to cook...Especially if you live in the Mexico City area, since the local government order the partial closing down of restaurants, fast foods, and any establishment that serves food. They can provide home deliveries, but that is about all. But the bottom line is that you can´t go out and hang out in a restaurant or bars… Today this is a bummer for soccer fans, since according to my husband, there is a good game at 1.30 PM (Barcelona vs. Chelsea). Restaurants will be fined if found serving food. Apparently what many restaurants have done is they have taken away tables and chairs to make sure their hungry clients do not sit down to eat. Boy o boy , the delivery pizza man is going to make a fortune…For those of you who can´t cook (like me) rush out to get a large pack of popcorn before the markets run out… Because of the cancellations of classes, kids are stocking up on popcorn…..


  1. gustavo gallegos4/28/2009 10:49 a.m.

    You would be the perfect woman if you knew how to cook!! and we al know perfect people doesnt exist haha. Regards and take care!!


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