The latest news on the AH1N1 flue in Mexico

President Felipe Calderón announced after his meeting with all the Governors that university and high school students will return to classes on the 7th of May. Primary and Secondary kids will return back till May 11th. He is asking school officials, teachers and parents to disinfect schools. (Comment: During the press conferences, not only the the President but also the Secretaries were not wearing a tie. Apparently the medical authorities are recommending that men avoid wearing ties. Quite unhealthy, because they pick up dirt, bugs and viruses and men wait a long time to send them to the cleaners…Tieless, the new look in Mexico. )

Procedures that must be taken by teachers and parents iin the next couple of days are detailed in a manual that is available via Internet. Click here

As for returining back to work, the Secrretary of Labor will be presenting a manual with outlines for the work place. Click here


  1. Just returned from LA after a two day visit. I must give credit to Mexico for the way they handled the outgoing flight and give it a 10, The US I would give it a 0. They did not seem to take any precautions about checking, unbelievable.


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