Latest on the AH1N1 in Mexico..(May 6 00:00 hrs central time)

++ Speaking in Puebla, President Felipe Calderón defended the manner in which the Mexican health sector responded to the health emergency sparked by the AH1N1 virus… He lauded the work done by doctors, nurses and all Mexicans to act responsibly and showing concern for others in the midst of this crisis, a challenge that was new for the country and the world.

++ Health Secretary José Ángel Córdova Villalobos said that the number of confirmed deaths from AH1N1 flu increased from the last report from 26 to 29 deaths. There are now 942 cases of infections have confirmed… He said the number of confirmed and suspected cases of flu infections are trending downwards… Nonetheless, he called on everyone not to let down their guard.

++ Finance Secretary Agustín Carstens announced a 10-billion-peso emergency fund for the country’s businesses to allow them to overcome the backlash arising from the health crisis.

++ As he headed the ceremony installing the Council for the Sanitary and Economic Recovery of Mexico City, Federal District Mayor Marcelo Ebrard said that many people would like to see restrictions lifted completely, however, he warned that that would be a serious error.

++ Restaurants in Mexico City were set to renew activity, but under a series of strict health measures… They will only be allowed to operate from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and can only use half of their normal capacity… Restaurants must also comply with hygiene measures for employees, who must wear surgical masks.

++ On Tuesday the World Health Organization warned that the AH1N1 influenza epidemic continued to spread all over the world and that the number of confirmed cases reached 1,490… Mexico continues to head the list of the most confirmed cases… The next country reporting the highest number of cases is the United States with two deaths and 403 confirmed infections in 38 states. WHO said that not all cases of AH1N1 influenza come from Mexico, since people travel all over the world, and cases will be seen linked to different countries.