Clases de Inglés "Little Duck" ...(Patito) No usar en Público..

I will drink it on count. (Lo tomaré en cuenta).
Syrup cover-uncle. (Jarabe Tapatío).
You put yourself bad cup!! (Te pones mala copa!!)
I shit of the laughter. (Me cago de la risa).
He stretched out the leg (Estiró la pata)
That way is very bad milk. (Ese güey es bien mala leche).
You have the mouth full of reason. (Tienes la boca llena de razón).
That is from the year of the broth! (Es del año del caldo!).
little paper, talks (papelito habla)
I grabbed you with the hands in the mass. (Te agarré con las manos en la masa).
You left me planted! (Me dejaste plantada!).
I need that you firm this letter power. (Necesito que firmes esta Carta Poder).
Sting it (Pícale)
Let's go to the Mexican Comertial (Vamos a la Comercial Mexicana).
I'll just refuck my goats and go. (Nomás recojo mis chivas y me voy).
With the shame. (Con la pena).
I will break you all your mother. (Te voy a romper toda tu madre).
dont come to me with chinesse tales (no me vengas con cuentos chinos)
She has already come out with her sunday seven! (Ya salió con su Domingo Siete)..
You left me with the eye squared. (Me dejaste con el ojo cuadrado).
Camera son, I mole you tomorrow! (Camara hijo, te topo mañana)
The comb has already come out. (Ya salió el peine).
He hasn't given the face. (No ha dado la cara).
Or let be, what bear waaay! (O sea, qué oso güeeey!)
And then he grabs and says... (Y agarra y dice...).
With those torts, I don't even ask for refresh. (Con esas tortas, ni refresco pido)
do you think that i suck mi finger (crees que yo me chupo el dedo)
Go to see if the female pork has already put. (Ve a ver si ya puso la marrana).
dont take thing to your breast (no te lo tomes tan a pecho)
You believe yourself very sauce. (Te crees muy salsa).
My friends are very good wave. (Mis amigos son muy buena onda)
I didn't pay for that why my elbow hurts. (No lo compré porque me duele el codo).
you know if these coffee shoes with the use give the yes? (sabes si estos zapatos cafes con el uso dan de si?)
I will pass the next bridge in Horncow. (Pasaré el próximo puente en Cuernavaca ).
They gave me cat for hare. (Me dieron gato por liebre).
She falls fat to me (Ella me cae gorda)
I ate a jam tort. (Comí una torta de jamón).
Do not preocup. (No te preocupes!)
I want some to the sheperd tacos. (Quiero unos tacos al pastor).
Bread of dead. ( Pan de muerto).
My mom mimes me. (Mi mamá me mima).
With money dances the dog. (con dinero baila el perro)
it's a brom!!! (es broma)
Do I book it or not book it? (La libro o no la libro? )
Verb kills little face. (Verbo mata carita).
He likes the rice with straw. (Le gusta el arroz con popote).
Without little balloon, there's no party. (Sin globito, no hay fiesta).
We see us at the one in point. (Nos vemos a la una en punto).
free hall eat us come web eat us (frijolitos con huevitos)
Ah! What the song ... (Ah! que la canción...).