Most important news in Mexico for September 16th

++ The Bicentennial Celebration around the country was a peaceful event. However 14 cities cancelled all Independence celebrations out of fear that there could be violent incidents.

++ Official celebrations for the Independence Bicentennial began with a magical pre-Hispanic ceremony called "New Fire" in the Mexico City Zócalo. + Thousands of people gathered alongside Reforma Avenue to watch nine sections of the Bicentennial Parade that went from Chapultepec to the Zócalo.

++ Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard set up the Permanent Security Cabinet to continuously oversee security plans implemented for massive Bicentennial events on Reforma and in the Historical Center.

++ President Felipe Calderón sent out a Twitter message saying that “Mexico is a great nation”… He also tweeted “Long Live Mexico” or “Viva México” and said that September the 15th is a “day of festivity and commemoration.”

In other news…
++ A criminal judge ordered 40 days’ temporary detainment for Sergio Barragán Villareal, alias “El Grande.”

++ The online edition of Australian newspaper The Age said that the Sinaloa drug cartel led by Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, had infiltrated Australia and had introduced half a ton of cocaine every month in the last two years.

++ The National Defense Secretariat announced that it had acquired six new high tech helicopters to help combat organized crime… The helicopters are also targeted for use to help and rescue victims when natural disasters occur.

++ The PRI Senate caucus announced it would back and defend its deputies in the State of Mexico should the PAN or PRD file a constitutional controversy with regard to the measure approved to ban alliances in elections in that state.

++ Parents of children, who suffered severe health damage in the fire at the ABC day care center, took over the pay toll on the Mexico-Nogales Highway 15 north of Hermosillo, Sonora, to demand care for their children.

++ Tropical storm Karl made landfall in Hopelchén, in northern Campeche, where an orange alert went into effect… The same alert was also in effect in Calakmul… Governor Fernando Ortega Bernés held the Independence Grito or Shout ceremony earlier and cancelled the Independence Bicentennial military-civilian parade. Authorities ordered 1,500 families to evacuate areas near the Usumacinta River following a forecast of heavy rains caused by tropical storm Karl.