News Summary for October 7th, 2010

++ President Felipe Calderón submitted to Congress a law bill to establish a Single Police Command in the country’s 32 states and overcome vulnerability in municipal police forces currently. Public Security Secretary Genaro García Luna called on President Calderón to follow through on the new federal police model to restore peace in Mexico.

++ The head of the Mexican Association of Municipalities, Azucena Olivares, warned that dismantling municipal police forces would send thousands of officers into unemployment and that they would surely join organized crime.

++ Pachuca Mayor Geraldina García transferred control of the municipal police in her city to the State Public Security Secretariat, so that 522 municipal police are now the direct responsibility of the state government.

++ In his appearance before lawmakers Attorney General Arturo Chávez said that his agency does not follow political interests nor favoritisms in applying the law.

++ Fifteen former public servants in Michoacán who were arrested in the so-called Michoacán sweep and then set free called for the Attorney General’s Office to stop harassing them and that dialogue be established with authorities to prevent further charges against them from being fabricated.

++ Mexico City Attorney General Miguel Ángel Mancera said that two of the five victims killed in the assassination of five people in the San Miguel Ajusco district had a criminal record connected to drug trafficking.

++ Local PAN deputy Manuel Benítez Manzanes was kidnapped in Zimatlán de Álvarez, Oaxaca… His family requested the state Attorney General’s Office not investigate the kidnapping.

++ Following President Calderón’s accusations that Andrés Manuel López Obrador is a danger to Mexico, electoral councilors called on the president not to open the old 2006 election wound that took so much effort to heal.

++ The Supreme Court threw out a constitutional controversy filed by the PRD to challenge the appointment of Mony de Swaan as chairman of the Federal Telecommunications Commission.

++ The National Water Commission warned that rains would continue for the rest of the year in southeastern Mexico so that the risk of floods would remain.