News Summary for November 10, 2010

++ Unknown assailants kidnapped and killed Gregorio Barradas, a PAN politician who had been elected mayor of the town of Juan Rodríguez Clara, in Veracruz… Barradas was kidnapped on Monday from a restaurant in Juan Rodríguez Clara and his body was found hours later in the community of Agua Fría, in Loma Bonita, Oaxaca. A former town councilman Juan Rodríguez Clara and his private secretary Ángel Landa, were also killed together with Barradas, who was set to take office on January 1. Veracruz Attorney General Salvador Mikel Rivera said that one line of investigation involved the alleged participation of organized crime in the murder of Barradas.

++ President Felipe Calderón said that migration is a phenomenon that cannot be eliminated by decree, so he said it was urgent to reach a migration accord with the United States. Calderón was set to travel to South Korea to take part in the Fifth Meeting of Leaders of the Group of 20 in Seoul and was also planning on attending a meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum starting Saturday in Yokohama, Japón.

++ Special United Nations relateur for migration Jorge Bustamante, said that in the short and medium term things would get words for migrants all over the world because of xenophobia and prejudice being voiced in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world.

++ TG Group said it was ready to begin to operate Mexicana de Aviación and start up flights again on December 8 if the unions and authorities consider its proposal to be the best to avoid the airline’s bankruptcy. Communications and Transportation Secretary Juan Molinar Horcasitas, said that TG Group’s offer fails to take into account Mexicana’s liabilities… He said that a proposal by PC Capital-Barahona is the most viable for Mexicana de Aviación to renew flights shortly.

++ The Chamber of Deputies approved reforms to the IMSS and ISSSTE laws to guarantee equal access to medical services and social benefits in both institutions for same-sex couples… The measure was sent to the Senate.


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