News Summary for October 10th, 2012

++ The Mexican Navy confirmed that it killed top drug kingpin Heriberto Lazcano, a.k.a. as “El Lazca,” and the founding leader of the Los Zetas drug cartel. The Navy issued a press release to say that Lazcano was killed on Sunday in Sabinas, in Coahuila. Coahuila Attorney General Homero Ramos Gloria confirmed that an armed group stole Heriberto Lazcano’s body from a funeral agency. Ramos Gloria said Lazcano was killed by Navy troops when he refused to have his car searched. During an interview in "El Primer Cafe" political roundtable the spokesperson for the Navy, Vice Admiral Jose Luis Vergara pointed out that he did not believe that in the short run drug related violence would increase,  

++ President Felipe Calderón lauded the Mexican Navy for killing Los Zetas’ leader Heriberto Lazcano. Once again he said that the next administration must maintain the same strategy in the battle against organized crime to achieve hard hitting results.

++ The Nuevo León government is offering a reward of nearly 250,000 pesos to anyone providing information that can help clarify the abduction and murder of former PAN legislator Hernán Belden Elizondo on September 7.


++ Mexico and the United Nations signed a framework agreement to cooperate against drugs and crime… Interior Secretary Alejandro Poiré said that current administration has worked to weaken criminal organizations.


++ PRI senator Joel Ayala said that his party and unions would approve labor reform because it would create greater employment opportunities. He said that when Enrique Peña Nieto takes office as president PRI leaders and union leaders will immediately seek substantial changes in issues such as pay by the hour, temporary contracts and defining minimum wages on a national level.


++ Senate speaker and PAN politician Ernesto Cordero said that those who object to union transparency and accountability in the labor reform draft bill are only blackmailing and shackling workers, so, he said, his party will not give up on this issue.


++ Labor Secretary Rosalinda Velez urged senators to approve the labor reform bill, which appears to be facing obstacles.


++ The Finance Secretariat and the transition team began working on the 2013 economic package including next year’s Revenue Act and Spending budget.